New for Spring 2021

New for Spring 2021

Spring has sprung in the Enchanted Garden of Mark Roberts and we are thrilled to be exclusively offering these one-of-a-kind spring vignettes and gorgeous petrified leaf boxwood topiaries right now. For a cheerful boost to your kitchen, living room, or home office – shop all the fun spring décor at

Carl was actually with Mark Roberts in his Califorinia showroom just as the finishing touches were going on the designs of these vignettes. Carly promptly brought them all back to Leavenworth and Lead Designer Laura Hansen created a Spring Frolic Scene in the front window of Kris Kringl. You must come and see!

We were also smitten by the boxwood topiaries. The topiarist’s art originated in Roman times and reached its pinnacle in the royal gardens of Renaissance Europe. Inspired and fanciful – these trees will add a touch of spring freshness and elegant whimsy to any indoor space. 

Happy Spring (coming soon!) from all of us at Kris Kringl!

20th Feb 2021

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