Celebrate the Return of the Salmon!

Celebrate the Return of the Salmon!

Salmon Festival in Leavenworth — Sept. 17

Held on the beautiful grounds of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery and sponsored by Friends of the Northwest Hatcheries, the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival is back for its 30th year! This annual natural resource education event celebrating the return of salmon to the Wenatchee River. Highlights of this free and family-friendly event include salmon-centric activities like the popular Salmon Maze, a Native American Village complete with a traditional canoe, salmon bake, and drumming and dancing, as well as arts & crafts activities and outdoor recreation like archery and a climbing wall.

Some Fun Fish Facts!

  • Salmon returning to the Wenatchee River travel 500 miles and over 7 dams from the Pacific Ocean to get to their place of birth.
  • The oldest salmon fossil found is 50 million years old.
  • The intricacies of a salmon’s genetic code insist that the salmon always faces upstream into the current. This means that when it navigates to the sea it swims tail first.
  • You can count the rings on a fish scale to determine its age, much like counting the rings on a tree.

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At Kris Kringl, we have some salmon to look at too - although these are the glass ornament kind and while shimmeringly beautiful like real salmon, these salmon hold very still. ; )

15th Jul 2022

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